Saturday, June 22, 2013

Starbucks Malaysia Facelift

Starbie has become a place for most of us to meet up to Chit Chat... Chinese said "pak pak" (gossip). The Starbie in Malaysia is undergoing face-lifting. I was surprise to see the new image of the Starbie in Ikano Power Station which i hang out almost every Saturday night after dinner with my Uncle, Aunty and Cousins.

Old look of Starbie in Malaysia

Starbie @ Subang Jaya

Starbie @ Jaya One (emo headquarter)

Starbie @ Ikano Power Station before facelift
plenty more of example on how the old Starbie looks like... cause i'm a fan of Starbie NO DOUBT all of you know eh~

So, are you ready to see the new image of Starbie in Ikano Power Station?

Starbie @ Ikano Power Station after facelift
It looks more like Starbie in Amsterdam, Brussel and Cologne...

Starbie @ Amsterdam Station, Holland
Hehehe... Starbie in Malaysia is closer to Europe already... no longer have those old Starbie look...
What do you think about post facelift image?


Twilight Man said...

Yeah I found the Starbucks in China also have European decors. We are way behind time.

savante said...

Actually waiting for Starbucks to assimilate into Malaysian decor. In China and HK, they have some Starbucks stores that feature Oriental decor, even the frontage. Time we had that here rather than the generic look.

MEcoy said...

well i must say that's a cozy place for chit chatting

TZ said...

Twilight Man: agreed with you. But it's good thing the Starbucks is changing...

Savante: Soon KL one will start changing... :p But i wondered if Malaysia Starbie follow the local scene decor. What would be the design? KAMPUNG HOUSE~

MECoy: yup~ sometime the whole place like market, children playground... so noisy. Those children running like a wild animal inside the starbie. Parents just let it happened. Sigh~