Saturday, August 17, 2013


Are you familiar with the brand name called TicTac?

four famous favorite of TicTac

Still remember the taste of a TicTac? Is this your favourite?
It's so amazing that this product has survived so many years even older than me... Anyone know which is the original favor of TicTac? I meant which favor is the first to come out?

Guess what? Today the TicTac has come with various form and various beans. I even saw one box of Minions TicTac... this is how the company survived generations. Until today kids are so fond of TicTac because they have evolved on their packaging too.

Drum please... Let me introduce you the GIANT TicTac

Giant TicTac
Any other shape of TicTac which you have come across?


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Used to eat this n so far I have not encounter any other packaging for tic tac.

MEcoy said...

well my generous officemate always gives us such candy, and i'll request for her to bring a giant one next haha

Small Kucing said...

Minions tictac? Where?

Used to b 60sens in my days rm2+...inflation. .

Jay Lee said...

waaaa, addicted!?@@~
hahaha, not so good eating too much~