Thursday, August 1, 2013

Can you reserve a gym locker? @ Fitness First

A: Excuse Me, you are using my locker
B: I thought no one is using this locker
A: Don't you see there is a set of Towel in the locker?
B: You mean the gym towel? I though the other person just forgot to return.
A: It's mine that i left inside... Can you get another locker?
B: *shut the locker door and proceed to the toilet*
A: *shouted @ B* Can you understand what i meant?
B: How could you use the Towel to reserve the locker?
A: Are you going to give it back to me? (B has placed all the stuff and got changed to his gym clothing)

Me: I'm going to leave right now. You may use this locker.
B: Do you mind using that locker instead?
A: Okay~ *unhappy*

I believe A has placed the towel and got out from the locker room to do something... not sure why he don't lock the locker. Maybe the card was not working... 

So, can you reserve a gym locker using the Gym Towel? Why in the first place B go to take out the gym Towel and get the locker. (there is the only upper deck locker available). Maybe B have not choice to get the one.


Small Kucing said...

Errr...lucky number locker kot?

mNhL said...

just like some people put tissues or umbrella, water bottle, etc to 'book' a table in the hawker center.

TZ said...

Small Kucing: Don't think so. The locker located at the corner and it's so difficult to access.

mNhL: Tell me about it. I just refuse to stand up one time when i was in Singapore. that was the first time i encountered people use Tissue to reserve the table.