Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On visiting MacRitchie Trail, Singapore

A lot of people have the same mindset of myself... when we mentioned Singapore, this is the image that comes up to our mind...

Guess what? Singapore has lots more to offer... The MacRitchie Trail is a very nice natural reserve park which covered a very wide area.

MacRitchie Trails Map
We decided to go with the Orange Color trail which is 7.0km return. This trail is not a difficult trail as mentioned in the map... Interesting enough after 200m, we walked into the jungle like path...

The Trail
Along the trail, we are greeted with a small stream parallel with the trail. No fishes were detected...

The Stream

The Trail

After 3.1km, we finally came to the gate of the HSBC TreeTop Walk. The main attraction of MacRitchie Trail. 

Gate to the HSBC TreeTop Walk
It's a one way to the other sides... Meaning you could not walk back to this end. The exit is over the other end of the TreeTop walk.

TreeTop Walk
From the TreeTop Walk, we managed to see the MacRitchie Reservoir... Due to the hot sun... we took a few shots and left the place and back to the trail...

Can you see the MacRitchie Reservoir?
We managed to finished the whole 7km trail within 2.5-3 hrs. The recommended time to complete this trail is 3-4 hours. Hahaha... we still consider Fit :p 

More pictures @ A picture A day.


Small Kucing said...

wah you all walk so fast ah? eh got take time to enjoy the view or not?

TZ said...

Small Kucing: Not much view, all trees. The only nice view was up the bridge. :p

Twilight Man said...

Yo! This is interesting and I was not aware they have this trails.

I always forget to tell you that your orange colour headlines are very bad contrast and cannot be read easily with that kinda background colour. Please change it unless you are colour blind.