Thursday, August 15, 2013

An afternoon with Yang I Deun @ The Curve

Last Saturday after gym workout at The Curve, had lunch with my friend. Friend brought me to watch this piano performance at the Curve "An afternoon with Yang I Deun" a Korean pianist on a rounded stage in the middle of the open area near McDonalds, BodyShop etc.

Yang I Deun on Piano
Surprisingly he has his own fans club. A lot of people were there for his performance. Before he started his performance, his fans already waiting for him to perform... *thumbs up*

Yang I Deun playing piano
Look at the boy... he was so curious and wanted to go closer... Not sure whether he wanted to touch the piano?

Do you play piano?
Will you be encouraging your children to learn piano?


Twilight Man said...

I thought it was you, like brothers!

Small Kucing said...

Nope I don't play piano :p

Jay Lee said...

yes, i do~ but, din manage to finish Grade 8~ so regret ~

In the future, sure will force them to learn if only they like..hahahha

foongpc said...

I play the piano! Love it! Oh I am not familiar with this Korean pianist!

TZ said...

Twilight Man: Not all botak looks like me or be my brother :p

Small Kucing: Why you don't wanna to learn?

Jay Lee: Wow~ you play piano and already reached grade 7. *thumbs up

Foongpc: You could pay a visit to meet him in person at The Curve Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

MEcoy said...

I'va always wanted to play piano

TZ said...

MECoy: Just do it :)

lpn said...

I caught him there last week... Yup..he's a maestro... go and check him out.... very good