Saturday, August 3, 2013

Run TZ Run 2013

All of the sudden i have added 2 runs into my list within 24 hours... The Singapore Standard Charter Marathon 2013 on Dec 01st 2013 and the Bangkok Bayan Tree Hotel Vertical Run (Relay) on Oct 6th 2013. This year run started quite late as i was in Europe during late March till April for my vacation. There were not many interesting run until the Sundown Marathon in Singapore appeared on May 31st 2013. Honestly speaking, i kind of participate more run outside the country then running in the City of Potholes. Maybe just scare to drop into the potholes while running... :p

Done deal 
1. Singapore Sundown Marathon - May 31st 2013

Up coming
1. CSC Run by the Bay - August 25th 2013
2. KL Standard Charter Run - Sept 29th 2013 (Postpone from June 2013)
3. Bangkok Bayan Tree Hotel Vertical Run - Oct 6th 2013 (relay)
4. Singapore Standard Charter Run - Dec 1st 2013

I think that's all folks for year 2013 unless my friend jio me to run with him on some others run... ;-)


foongpc said...

LOL! So big meh the potholes that you can drop inside? :D

TZ said...

Foongpc: hahaha... who knows since we have such a lovely government ;p