Wednesday, October 8, 2008

World biggest Hut...

I visited the world biggest hut made by straw in Kampala city Uganda. Kasubi Tombs is the place where the world biggest hut located. Inside this hut, there were the burial ground for the 4 Buganda King.

This site has been granted the World Cultural Heritage by Unesco... Hurray! I visited a Unesco Heritage in Africa.

Man preparing for the maintenance work @ the hut

The roof @ the world largest hut

World largest hut

Ugandan student was listening to the story about Buganda

African chess

BTW, i learnt three vacabulary of Luganda (i.e. the Uganda local language).
Uganda people = Muganda
Uganda kingdom = Buganda
Uganda Language = Luganda

So Anyone can guess what is Malaysian, Malaysia and Bahasa Malaysia in Luganda?


Borneo Falcon said...

The hut is unique. I am curious how to play the chess game

cbenc12 said...

Mulaysia = malaysian
Bulaysia = Malaysia
Lulaysia = Bahasa Malaysia?

Alvin said...

Malaysian = Ulusian
Malaysia = Bulusia
BM = Lulusia

TZ said...

Borneo Falcon: i'm loooking for the website that teach how to play the African traditional chess... :-)

Cbenc12, Alvin: Good try! :-)
MuMalaysia : Malaysian
BuMalaysia : Malaysia (the country)
LuMalaysia : Bahasa Malaysia

Alvin: LoL... You r very creative and it sound like Luganda language too :-p Dude, two thumbs up...