Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No Transport!

I was having an assignment in an area office @ the hilltop about 10km from the building i'm working. Due to lack of transportation, my new colleague (who is an ugandan) and I have decided to walk from downtown Kampala to one of its Suburban. The walk took us about 45-60 mins uphill... The hill was very slopy and i was sweating all along the way. When we reached the office @ Nakesaro, I was all sooth with my own sweat.

Since i reached Kampala last week... I don't have idea how many kilometers that i have been walking. I was walking to the gym uphill... walking to the mall downhill and uphill... and walking to the office uphill too... guess what? I also walk up the stair to 10th floor due to the elevator having some issue... Sigh! ;-) A good cardio for me ... hehehe :-p

Fortunately, the weather over here is windy and the temparature is nice for walking compare to back home.


imblogger@sh ™ said...

TZ !!! are u kidding ?? 45-60 mins uphill !!! you are healthier being there compare to KL .. hahahah ..

TZ said...

imblogger@sh: Kampala city has 7 hill... all the building were build on the slope. Walking to this office which is located @ the top of the hill only per assignment otherwise i only need to walk about 10-15mins uphill daily to the place i walk :-)

Mr Dino said...


TZ said...

Mr.dino: hehehe.. u need to walk a lot in Kampala... :-p