Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is the gym value for money :p

Finally i decided to sign up for a month membership at the Sheraton Kampala Kidepo Gym... I'm getting back my gym life... hurray! Now, I'm hitting the gym everyday to maintain my nice nice body :-p BTW, I'm working hard to archieve my 6 packs which has due long time ago. Hopefully i would be able to become one of the magazine cover in Malaysia or maybe magazine for Uganda too... hehehe :-p

Last Thursday i.e. Uganda Independent day, I decided to sign up the gym for a month. I will revisit the membership after one month. Anyway, I'm very happy with the Sheraton Kampala Gym facilities, the gym membership includes the swimming pool, gym, sauna/steam bath, Tennis, Squash and USH10,000 discount for the massage. Don't ask me how much is the gym membership eh!.. It definitely way expensive then Fitness First :-p

* the picture is taken from Sheraton Kampala website

Is the gym value for money compare with Fitness first?
I would definitely say no. The equipment in FF is much more advance... the classes is much more better ... here classes need to pay extra and the step class sucks... even i could teach steps here (i'm not an advance steps participant back in FF) :-p Moreover, there are No bodypump, No bodycombat, no RPM, no Bodybalance, no Pilate too ... Sigh! :-(

Is the gym value for money compare to other gym in Kampala?
Yes, the gym surrounding Kampala is ranging from extremely expensive to those cheaper gym i.e. local gym. Those cheaper gym was not so hygiene and was so crowded. I went to a gym in the Africana hotel (a local hotel)... the gym was quite okay with the price they offer (still more expensive than FF)... but unfortunately i need to wait for 30 mins to do my workout on one machine ... until i have no mood to continue. Kidepo gym in Sheraton Kampala is nearer to my work place and apartment ... so it's only walking distance to go to the gym... and it's within the safer zone... where else the other gym in Africana still walking distance but it located in a not so safe place... I rather pay more to get my safety assurance here in Kampala. :-p

Anyway, since i have choosen to come to Africa, i shouldn't be complaining too much ... hehehe it's my choice to come over to Africa thought. So, the current gym that i have is good enough in the city of Kampala... :-) I'm glad to have my gym life back!


Ah-Bong said...


gym rat
gym bunny
gym freak


Ah-Bong said...
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TZ said...

ah-bong: hahaha... LoL

Bengbeng said...

waiting for yr six get moving n forget abt the excuses hahahah

doc said...

why don't you do what all those African Olympic gold medallists do - run bare-foot in the safari??

cbenc12 said...

hahahah u and ur gym, no matter where u r! :D

Mr Dino said...

which do u think cheaper... buy the equipment over there? buy from malaysia then ship it? or gym over there? ^__^

TZ said...

bengbeng: oops... hahaha :-p

doc: run bare food in Kampala is not fun... :-p

cbenc12: yup... i'm a gym guy :-)

mr.dino: you bring along some gym equipment when u come over eh!... don't worry about space .. we have lots of space here :-p