Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm White :-p

The moment i touched down in Kampala Airport @ Entebbe. I was considered white (Ang Moh) by the local.... hehehe :-) In another words, i got Ang Moh Power (AMP)... Matt, i have AMP in Africa eh! Muhahaha....

Case #1: It happened last night when i was eating in the Nandos (yup, the Nandos that Malaysia have). I was looking for Peri Peri Sauce, I went back to the counter and the African lady was so polite and helpful to get the Peri Peri sauce from the other table and passed it to me even though the other table still having their meal. hehehe .... I got the power eh! ... I'll definitely go back to Nandos... :-)

Case #2: Besides, yesterday case, i was treated differently in term of security check in any building @ Kampala. Usually, i will greet them and say hello or good morning to them. The security guard didn't even open my beg to check and just let me past... so the local really trusted the whites :-p

Case #3: Lot's of people trying to strike conversation... I was like Matt (my buddy) in Malaysia... popular :-p Hiak Hiak Hiak... Now i felt what Matt feels. Back to the question from my friends whether i would get an African lady... I have no idea and no comment... :-p

Case #4: It was a disadvantage to be a white in Kampala too. I was charged higher than what they charged the local and Indian especially riding with this so called "buses"... This was a good experience and learning in my life... it was a modified van to transport people from one place to another. So, my new colleagues and I were hitting the gym yesterday evening and we were using this transportation... My first time in the "bus". It cost me RM1.00 for travelling on about 5KM in distance. It was quite dark and we had no choice but take this bus. Anyway, it was a good experience and now i knew how to take the bus to and from the gym. :-) Need to tell them i'm a poor White man too, otherwise they charge me more :-p

So, if you as white as me, as blond as me, as muscular as me... you are qualify to be white in Kampala, Uganda.... hehehe ;-)


Borneo Falcon said...

Nice to read your experience there and surprise to hear there is Nandos over there.

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

LOL just like in Malaysia. We are pro-Ang Mohs haha. Good for you!

Bengbeng said...

this is so cool. the reverse of Msia. angmoh in Africa. i will fav this blog :) jus to find out abt life in Uganda.

TZ said...

Borneo Falcon: the only fast food chain that i know... No McD, No KFC and No Burger King ... *Sob Sob*

Slowcatchupkuan: hehehe... so you look up to Ang-moh eh! :-p

Bengbeng: Thanks for dropping by... Still catching up with their life over here in Kampala... :-)

Daniel said...

Dear Tz,

What's Peri Peri sauce?

I'm a vegetarian.
Any good selection on the menu?

TZ said...

Daniel: errr... so far i don't see any sore vegetarian restaurant but we always have our lunch and dinner @ the nearest Chinese Restaurant :-) I think you'll be find.

Daniel said...

Thanks Tze for the assurance.

Bet Dino will ask about Halal food.

Then I'll tell him vegetarian is already 'Halal', no worry.

A subtle way to convert someone to be vegetarian (though not permanently).


TZ said...

Daniel: Don't worry about Dino... he will survive :-p Anyway, please don't convert me to be vegetarian... :-p I'm a meat person... hehehe :-p