Friday, October 3, 2008

Boda Boda - Faster transportation to cruise around Kampala

What is Boda Boda? hehehe... sound a little weird... :-p
This is a very convenient and fast mean of transportation to cruise around Kamapala city especially during the traffic jam...

Boda Boda is quite dangerous as the driver going like fast and crazy cruising the city from one destination to another destination. So if you are brave enough this will be a better transportation than the "bus". Moreover, Boda Boda is cheap... it's less than USH1,000 (RM2.00). I'm still not that brave to use this means of transportation... :-p Maybe one day i will try thot...

The boda boda was waiting for passenger

Lady was sitting on the boda boda

The lady paid after she arrived @ her destination. How much?

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