Friday, October 3, 2008

A friday nite without TGI Fridays...

What would it be if a Friday night without TGI Friday's? Boring? Guess what? there is no TGI Fridays in Kampala city. *Sob Sob* BTW, this is my 1st Friday night in Kampala City. I'm going out to explore their night life in Kampala.

For the past 1 week, I have drawn so much attention when i walked on the street. I bet tonight i will be the center of the spotlight. I hope i would not create some inconvenience for myself as i heard the African young ladies are very aggresive to get to know the whites... Scary lah! What if i'm not attracting the Africa ladies but attracted the African guy? How?... Anyway, who's care at this moment... just go out there and see what will happen... :-)

Will blog about my experience later eh!... hopefully my colleagues are going together with me so that i was not alone in the bar... at least if something happen to me, I still have someone to rely on :-p

Let's see what will happen.. I gotta to go and get change now as I will meet up my colleagues downstair... we will be going for dinner and later hit the bar as our initial plan :-p


Ah-Bong said...

dun be naughty! :P

TZ said...

ah-bong: LoL... naughty? hehehe :-p