Thursday, March 19, 2009

60 Earth Hour - How KL city looks like?

I think by now everyone was aware there is a 60 Earth Hour campaign on March 28th 2009 (Saturday)... The campaign is to encourage everyone to participate to have light out for an hour from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.... This is a world wide event... eager to see how the world look like without lights ... Can we see the twinkle twinkle little stars as what we had before or just can't see anything at all... because of the hazy night without lights...

I was sitting on my balcony for the past few days to think on how the KL will look like on March 28th 2009 8:30pm-9:30pm... especially the famous KL landmark the Petronas Twin Tower... i bet the Petronas Twin Tower will be also participate in the lights out campaign so do rest of the tower in KL downtown including those important landmark etc... Will the city council also switch off all the street lights including the traffic lights ... blek! 

KLCC twin tower before 12am

KLCC twin tower after 12am

Just wondered will the twin tower look like after 12am on March 28th 2009 8:30pm-9:30pm... it's an interesting question... so let's find out. I will get my equipment prepare to take some interesting shots.

I think this is a good campaign at least all the people in the world are aware on how important we need to save our earth before it's too later ... let's provide a good environment for our next generation... Let's lend a hand to help our earth. 

Side Notes:
Not related with the 60 Earth Hour... i'm in Coffee Beans right now writing this entry... guess what two interesting scenario has drawn my attention.
1. A couple was seeking the consultation from a feng shui master / fortune teller on how to get their life back... and the guy whom is the fortune teller/feng shui master was carried a laptop... errrrr... so high tech! I curious how much this couple paid for their consultation... in this economy, maybe if you know Feng Shui / Fortune telling... you might be earning good money eh! :p 
2. One uncle with strong BO came into the Coffee Bean... took a sit on the table besides me without buying any drinks...happily shouting on the phone with loud voice telling the other party that he has already reached Starbucks which located opposite the Secret Recipe...errrrrr.... I just gave him a weird stare! .... and i thought *uncle, this is coffee beans not starbucks... can't you differentiate ah? one brown and the other is green... Starbuck is across the road* blek~ 


Perky said...

I'm not sure if I can take part in the 60 Earth Hour campaign coz this Saturday got office party. Unless la if my colleagues all don't mind being in the dark for an hour though...

Medie007 said...

lets see... saturday 28th... i'll join if i remember la. hehe

Jonzz said...

I think the Uncle saw you and immediately assumed it was StarBucks :-o

Anonymous said...

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JL said...

Earth Hour? Why not Earth-day or Earth-week? Then Petronas TT really save a lot of electricity xP

Twilight Zone said...

Hey your balcony offers such a splendid panoramic view? On March 28, I will attend a party and they told me to bring candles!
I thought I saw someone resembling you having steamboat last wknd. Was it you dude?

Sam said...

I'm also going to head out to the city next week to see what happens when everything goes dark. It's definitely a first for everything. :)

*Anton* said...

I plan to make passionate love at that hour ..... with myself! :P


William said...

TNB can use Earth Hour as an excuse for any blackouts on that night. Earth HourS perhaps.

Bengbeng said...

that uncle sounds very much like me.... quite typical error for me to make :)

Evann said...

I wouldn't put too much hope into the earth hour. There are individuals who take it very seriously and personally, but they're a minority. I doubt that many corporate companies would comply. Business comes first. The city council probably wouldn't bother much as well as they're running the country, which is a duty for them to ensure public safety. ie traffic and street lights. Probably they'd give scenic lights a rest, but that's probably it.

Feng shui is a scam and I hate it a little more everyday. My friend's parents paid a "master" RM11,000 to have their son's fortune predicted. Crazznaughts, if you'd ask me.

khengsiong said...

Well, I think for individuals, switching off air-conditioner is probably better than turning off lights.

I think I will be busy doing my MBA assignment during the Earth Hour, so I can't switch off the light.

foongpc said...

Your balcony so nice - can see KLCC and KL Tower. The construction at Duke Highway still noisy ah?

I will definitely participate in Earth Hour, but only for that hour. After that, must switch on the air con, maybe not the lights - cannot tahan lah nowadays soooo hot!!! Already having headaches now!

You want feng shui consultation? I can do it - pay me RM1,888 for feng shui of your room. For whole house, must see how big lah, minimum RM3,888. I'll bring my laptop along. Haha!

Eh, today at Coffee Beans? Why not Starbucks or Old Town? Coffee Beans no omega 3 eggs what! LOL!

TZ said...

Perky: hahaha... just place one of the agenda ... lights off :p then everyone can dance in the dark blek!

Medie007: hahaha... i will remind you.. :p

Jonzz: hehehe... since when i become Starbie Celebrity :p

CareforNature: thanks for dropping by my blog... I like my earth :)

JL: hahaha... TNB lost business for an hour ... :(

Twilight Zone: hahaha... i didn't go for any Streamboat... maybe is my cloney Blek! hahaha... I do have the nice view of KL city... candles? Still will contribute to global warming ... kakaka... no Candles please!

Sam: hehehe... maybe i could capture you from my balcony.. Blek!

Anton: hehehe.... with yourself passionate love.. :)

William: But think about it ... TNB lost lots of business on that hour. They don't need that hour to blackout ... they did it all the time ... is TNB luv our earth or what? kakaka...

BengBeng: hahaha... the uncle sounds like you, but definitely not you... :p

Evann: I'm not a Feng Shui person myself ... I think it's a waste of money :p Anyway, let's see what DBKL did on the Earth Hours.

KhengSiong: yup... air-con should be switch off together with the lights ... no point to on the air-con... :p

foongpc: yup... the DUKE HIGHWAY still polluted the environment with noise... sigh! sigh! sigh! Errrrr..... cool an hour before and switch off for 1 hour... then when 9:30pm ... on back :p My 2nd choice is CB ... coz there have my favor Salmon Bagel :)