Monday, March 30, 2009

Seafood Dinner @ Carey Island

I was invited to a dinner and movie on last Saturday evening... It was an excited moment for me as i never been to a place called Carey Island... Where is Carey Island? Errrrr... somewhere near Banting i believe... Anyway, with the gorgeous sunset ... the place was just a perfect place for a nice and quiet dinner... 

We arrived @ the restaurant with a just nice timing to view the sunset ... it was a gorgeous sunset at Carey Island while Kuala Lumpur is raining cats and dogs... kakaka :p I was attracted to the nice sunset view and busy on taking shots of the sunset and the surrounding area... :)

Sunset @ Carey Island

Another artsy shots as the pattern of the wave attracted my attention :)

Photo cut from history book ... hehehe :)

Anton was busy ordering the food, he knew the place well... of coz he knew what is nice in that restaurant... :) So the whole table of us was waiting for our food ... I was so touched as Anton treated us his 20 years old collectible whisky :)

I was quoted with "TZ is so Macho, drinking whisky on the rock..." Errrrr.... my face turned red even I haven't drank a sip... inside me I was so happy.... someone said i'm Macho... immediately a tune come into my mind... "Macho Macho Man..... blah blah blah" Blek!  Anyway, this was a very nice whiskey... it tasted very smooth.... it's even better without ice. 

Few minutes later, the first dish that we ordered has arrived... followed by lots of dishes... the whole table was full...  we managed to capture two dishes... errrr... coz we were so hungry ... focusing on eating instead of taking picture of our food.

Fried Rice Noodles

Butter crab... yum yum! This is the signature dish of the restaurant

We were chatting at the same time taking our dinner, sipping the nice whiskey too... :) We were talking from one topic to another... Time flies so fast, it's time to leave the restaurant for our movie night out...  

Anyway, I would like to thanks Anton for organized this night out gathering before i leave Uganda for my assignment... Thanks Anton! So you wanna to know who else were in the dinner and movie night out? ... Scroll down to our group pictures... eh!


Can you see how many of us in total??? :p


JD Cole said...

i suddenly feel fabulous for no apparent reason! XD

William said...

Fresh and cheap, I heard. I like artsy photo #2

[SK] said...

hmmm the last photo looks kinda cool, so~~ bond~~ :p

foongpc said...

Wow! The crabs look so delicious? Did I see some man tao in that picture too? Oh, drools....

Going to Uganda already? Holiday ends?

Queen B said...

"TZ is so Macho, drinking whisky on the rock..."

i wonder who said that!! ;P

TZ said...

JD cole: hehehe... i like the way you use Fabulous...

William: errrr... not sure :p Me too... I like the artsy photo.. especially the wave of the water with lights :)

[SK]: hahaha... that's the group photo everyone is in the picture .. :p

foongpc: the crabs was fresh and nice... yup, Holiday going to ends... and Uganda here i come ... :p

Queen B: I heard someone was saying that statement.. I just don't know who was saying that... :p

Medie007 said...

WUEK. LOL... perasan macho. hahahahhahahhaha. :P

just kidding.

loved the last pic! :D so awesome. and artsy fartsy. :P

TZ said...

Medie007: Dude, sometime is fun to syok sendiri... kakaka :p I like the last piccie too :p

Superman said...

The foods are nice...Hungry now. Got to go and get a bowl of laksa later.

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Carey Island? Belongs to Mariah Carey? Hehe. BTW, those seafood looks nice. Must ask Anton for details. :)

*Anton* said...

I think everyone felt fabulous after a few glasses! ^_^

You are most welcome dude!


TZ said...

Superman: What laksa are you having ... got fat fat cockles or not ... ?

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E : hahaha.. owned by Mariah Carey brother :p .... yup! the seafood is very nice ... yum! yum! I missed it already :)

*Anton*: hehehe... I think so... :) Once again thanks for the drink and dinner eh! ...