Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 6: On leaving Kuching

I'm back to KL... The air quality in KL is so so so so so soooooooo bad... I just wondered can i have Kuching air quality, KL Salary, Kuching lifestyle.... :) I like Kuching so much... I like their kolok mee, sarawak laksa, pork satay, seafood... etc. 

Anyway, I'm back to KL after a 6 days of going away.... Anyone miss me??? This was a nice trip... The most enjoyable moment was i could meet a new friend Frankie and Alan... especially Frankie, I would like to thank him again for bringing us around the city, marked my 52nd outlet of Starbucks, bought us lunch and sent us off to the airport... Thanks Frankie :)

The flight took us 1 hour and 40 mins... now I was feeling like i'm having jet lag ... errrrr.... so so so so soooo sleepy and tired even though i had my ice cafe latte @ the 53rd outlets in Kuching International Airport (KIA)... hehehe... I managed to go all the Starbucks in Kuching ... blek!

Okay, I will try to download my picture to the computer and start posting some shots to show all of you... let me go ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ before i sleep on top of my Macbook keyboard... Ciao~


vincent said...

welcome back bro :P
miss u till wan die zor~ :P

Sam said...

Welcome back to KL! Of course we missed you. :)

Go Starbie quick before you fall asleep! I wanna see pics! :D

Twilight Zone said...

Selamat Berangkat Pulang ke tanah air. Now get back to work quick and post your photos tonight. I am fuming!..... LOL

pikey said...

welcome back...

I havent been to Kch before. From the way u describe it, makes me wanna go and visit...

JD Cole said...

i didn't know that there's such things as "pork satay"~

must be delicious i bet ;P

Danny said...

kuching's air & kl's salary?
u think u really can enjoy the best of both world huh? lol...;p

Jonzz said...

So did somebody go to the gym? I'm still in kuching mode. Feel so unreal coming back.

Perky said...

Welcome back!!

Yeah, i'm all too familiar with that feeling you got when you 1st touched down in KL and go, "why the hell did i come back to this filthy air and stressful life?" lol! Kuching is so laidback. love the food, but driving there can drive me nuts coz every1 drives so slow! >:P

Can't wait to see them pics!

Cedric Ang said...

am just wondering, do you really keep tract of your Starbucks outlet?

uncleawang said...

So you miss the Gading Park Lundu due to transport!!I know that, in term on public transport Kuching is worst I agree,even local complain but nothing change.Anyway I hope your next visit to KCH will get you there.
Have a nice day.

Funkye said...

welcome back to KL

TZ said...

Vincent: I'm scare to dead... u miss me till wan die :p

Sam: Starbie no use too ... so so so sleepy :p

Twilight Zone: Sleepy... sleep first eh! :p

Pikey: You should go ... it's very nice city to visit :) Can stay in Singgahsana Lodge... clean, nice and homely environment :)

JD Cole: hahaha... that's Pork Satay... and it's delicious :p

Danny: It's my wish... hope to get KL pay and base in Kuching ... kakaka :p

Jonzz: Still in Kuching mode ... hahaha... let's go back and we could visit BengBeng :)

Perky: hahaha... never tried driving there. But look @ the car ... a bit slow moving :p

Uncleawang: yup... I missed the Gading Park. Hope they have the shuttle to Gading like to Damai :)

Funkye: hehehe... finally have to back to KL ... Thanks for showing us around Kch... See u in KL.