Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Famous Sarawak Cultural Village

Summary: Day 2: A very tired and fruitful day

After our simple breakfast, we took the a shuttle in front of our hotel and headed to the Sarawak Cultural Village, the journey took us about 1 hour. We were nearer and nearer to the Mount Santubong when we approached the Cultural Village.

Paid our entrance fees of RM60 per person and we were issued a passport to the culture village... I still think that the entrance fees is still in the high side. Took out our camera and started our snapshot journey... My first shot of the village 

There were 7 houses in total within this cultural village... so guess what house was our first house to visit?

House #1 : Chinese Farm House
For all the chinese... this might be familiar as some of you might said that it's looks like your grand parents house ... :) Errrr... my grand parents house was not looking like this ... :(

Chinese Farm House

House #2 : Malay House
This was a quite traditional Malay house ... it's a bit different from the house that i visited in West Malaysia... 

Front of the Malay House

Kuih Bahalu

We spent a bit of time in the kitchen to see the process of making Kuih Bahalu... I didn't know how it taste but it smell nice. Here is the clip.. traditional way of making Kuih Bahalu.

House #3: Melanau House
We didn't spend too much time @ Melanau House as we were in a rush since it was approaching 11:30am which we need to walked over to the cultural hall for its famous cultural shows in the village... So we just roaming around the house for a while and took a couple of shots ... 

View from the top front of Melanau house

House #4 : Orang Ulu House
Orang Ulu house was a very artsy house as there were so much of art and music.. there were painting on the pillar of the house which reflected that among all the houses, this tribe seemsto be more artistic :)

Passage to the house of Orang Ulu

Playing Sape - Orang Ulu traditional string instrument

I was sitting there enjoying the music from the Sape... click here to listen ... :) Jonzz tried to play the Sape and he said it's different from the modern guitar. I'm totally have no idea how to play the string instrument... blek!

House #5 Penan House
Penan House was the most simple house among all the houses in the village... the Penan house has no door... does this means that they welcome anyone? Errrrr... i don't think so... hahaha :)T The Penan house was built with just a few plank and it was built on top of trees or rivers... simple, nice and cooling... Reason being the Penan house was built this way as the Penan tribe was the hunter trip... they stayed deep in the jungle.

House #6: Iban House
This is the most familiar house as we had studied the house structure during our primary school... I still remember most of the fact...  We were welcome with a friendly guide that brought us wondering around and explained to us what is the day to day life of the Iban tribe... 

Jonzz was so interested on how the Kain Pua being made... there were one old lady who knew the skill of making Kain Pua since she was young... according to the Iban tribe ... this is a skill for a lady to get marry in the past ... :p

While she was doing this Kain Pua ... i managed to capture a video clip ... 

House #7: Bidayuh House
This is a quite unique house... and especially the path and the entrance to the house was so unique and nice ... The Bidayuh tribe usually stayed near the river so they built a bamboo path way to go into their house. 

Path way to the Bidayuh House 

Bidayuh House Entrance

We finished the whole village @ about 4pm... and we just chill out in the restaurant before hopping up the shuttle and back to Kuching... A tired but very fruitful day with lots of good learning experience... :) The seven houses with a spectacular cultural dance has took us the whole day... Anyway, i will have a separate entry on the cultural dance since i have couple of clip to share with all of you.... Stay tune eh!


savante said...

Hey that's a really cool place! Loved the chinese house even!

TZ said...

Savante: you been to the cultural village before ... I would give them *Two Thumbs Up*

Twilight Zone said...

That's enriching photos after much wait. The entrance fee is damn expensive lo but you can share the cost with all who comments here!! (Whoops!).....
The kuih is called "Bahulu" and it's a Peranakan Nyonya kuih which you can buy anywhere in KL. I think I rather pay a bit more to visit Disneyland which has more hi-tech investments. Anymore photos dude? What time should I visit this blog again?

vialentino said...

kuih like those sticky it? time must visit this sarawak villages...nice pics bro!

[SK] said...

guess what?? i didn't even step into this place during my last visit to kuching, what a shame eh?? :p

Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! They jack up the entrance fee tremendously already. Most of the houses appear the same since I last visited them.

Sam said...

Ah, it seems only like yesterday that I went to the Cultural Village - looking at your pictures. :)

Despite the fact my last visit was 2 years ago! :D

JL said...

Well, it sure is a bit expensive, but still a worthy tradeoff for the cultural experience. I wouldn't have minded personally. :o)

foongpc said...

Nice place. Definitely worth a visit. The price may be a bit high, but you did have nice time there, didn't you?

TZ said...

Twilight Zone: It has to depends on my inspiration of writing an entry... kakaka :p So there's no fix time that i could let you know :p Anyway, i still have lots of picture to show ... :)

Vialentino: You should go ... a nice experience to learn more about Sarawak culture :)

[SK]: You claimed that you been to Kuching without going to Sarawak Cultural Village ? ... :p

Borneo Falcon: Dude, just curious how much you pay for the entrance fee? Maybe the have a price for Sarawakian... They treated all West Malaysian as foreigner since day one i touched down... hehehe

Sam: Since you are so miss Meow Meow City... should pay a visit with the lower fare from AirAsia... :)

JL: Yup! I think the cultural experience that made me more comfortable of what i paid ... :)

TZ said...

FoongPC: I will be much more enjoyable if they could lower down the price for all the Malaysian including me... kakaka

Musa said...

Thank you for visiting my house (orang ulu) ;))... glad to hear good feedback on our preserved culture. You hardly find those houses anymore. We have adopt to the modern lifestyle. The entrance fees seem to be ridiculously expensive thou. By the way, we love our food ok. Sorry to hear you didn't like it. Laksa sarawak, and Kolo mee is highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more with Musa. But i think it is cery common among the Peninsulars to not like our food, but we adore it so much..Laksa sarawak and kolok mee is like must eats for fellow sarawakians...and they are my favourite...anyway, hope you enjoy your stay there

Jonzz said...

Eh, TZ, the old man with the sape also appears in the SCV's website banner, lol!

Chris said...

wow!!! been to sarawak so many times but i never visit those places b4.. must pay a visit one day..

TZ said...

Musa: dude... now i know you are Orang Ulu... can i still find any orang ulu house that i could go and stay on my next trip??? ... I'm eager to stay and experience the lifestyle... i tried laksa sarawak and kolo mee but not the Char keow teow that i ate on the first day...

Dalantau: hey dude... i like the laksa sarawak and kolo mee so much... yum yum! ... and the Umai + Manok Pansoh... *Two Thumb Ups*

Jonzz: He's famous... he really play good music :)

Chris: dude... you need to visit this on your next trip... you really see more about Sarawak culture :)

QuaChee said...

hey love yr shot of the passage of the orang mulu house.

btw uve updated yr trip very fast indeed hehe. ive just started on my kuching part. lol :)

TZ said...

QuaChee: hehehe.... :)