Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hello from Meow Meow City

We landed @ Meow Meow International Airport about 13:30... Came out and reached the guest house that we stay @ about 14:00... The guest house that we stayed was nicely decorated with friendly servicing staff... :)

After settling our baggages, we walked over to the nearby kopitiam for our kolo mee... We were disappointed that the Kolo mee only served during breakfast... so no Kolo Mee for TZ... Sigh! Sigh! So what TZ had for his lunch... hehehe... Kuching Fried Kuey Teow. Nice or not... errrrrrr ... no comment!

After our lunched, we decided to do some light shopping for all our necessities ... settle of all the items that we needed. We dropped all the items back to the hotel and started our photographing journey.

Guess what? We walked through quite a number of places
1. The China Town
2. Old Court House
3. Indian Street Mall
4. Walk along the riverside
5. Steamship place
6. Sarawak Plaza
7. Dinner @ Tuk Jugah
8. Hanging out @ Coffee Beans (Sarawak Plaza)

I will be going to the cultural village @ Damai beach tomorrow. Gotta go and take my shower now. hahaha... unfortunately i could not post the pictures need some time to organize and upload to my flickr a/c .... Stay tune eh!


Chen said...

wow, u r now at the Land of Hornbills, my hometown.

Kuching char koay teow nice or not? I will answer on your behalf.. Not nice :P

Don't forget to try out the bilin belachan and the iban brinjal (aka lakia kio over there) :)

Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! You manage to cover some places in a few hours.

Anyway, I am posting about Kuching this week in my blog.

Twilight Zone said...

Perhaps your host didn't bring you to the other side of town where they serve your delicacy till late afternoon. Char Koay Teow is bluek!
I had never been to Damai Beach coz my trip was a non-vacation so I'm looking forward to your lovely photos again with wild guesses for the kiddo Vincent to guess. I think you might show us pussy parts instead. LOL

Sam said...

The char kuey teow was so bad until you had no comment!!! LOL!

Bahija said...

Kuching Kolo mee sedap ... a bit macam our wanton mee, be sure to try !

Chris said...

Hmmm.. i miss Kuching....

Fable Frog said...

wah~ manage to cover quite alot of places in half a day wor~ Impressive~!! waiting for the photos~

Mr Dino said...

EEHHH... why CB???
u couldnt find any BarStuck ka?
haha ^__^

Glog said...

You seemed very excited over Sarawak...

Nicholas Rashidee said...

i miss home~ (T_T)

TZ said...

Chen: LoL... Kuching Char Keoy Teow really not nice ... :p Will try the food that you recommended.

Borneo Falcon: I managed to go for a walk and took quite a number of shots :)Kuching downtown is not that big thot...

Twilight Zone: hahaha... should get more wild guess shots for Kiddo... blek! Will get it tomorrow :p

Sam: Just remain no comment still! hahaha.... that's very bad blek!

Bahija: I have no idea how it taste... have not tried the kolo mee yet...

Chris: you'll miss more when u see my picture ... hahaha

Fable Frog: Wait Wait ... you need to wait... internet here damn slow :(

Mr.Dino: I got Barstuck taken away... I been to Starbie @ The Spring mall Kuching ... my 52nd outlet.

Glog: Yes! I'm very very excited with Sarawak... moreover i met so many people during the stay :p

Nicholas Rashidee: Poor nic... you so so so sooooooooo miss home eh! :p