Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oldest Lake Garden in Malaysia

This garden located up north... about 3 hours drive from the polluted metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur. This garden is famous for its peaceful lake and all the surrounding greenery since 1880... So where is this lake garden located?

Two trees on an island in the center of the lake

Tree on this small island...
what is the island call?
hehehe... Let's name it TZ

Couple sitting by the lake
What are they talking about?
hmmm.... I don't have any idea
Are you interested if you were there?

Peaceful lake with the reflection
Water Water on the lake
Who is the most handsome dude in the world?

Old trees along the road
I like this road... the trees formed the nice shade

Hey why are you taking our picture?
Sorry Dude, i just wanna to blog about your family outing
Please visit for a copy of your family pictures eh~

This is one of my favorite shots
I like the cloud formation on that day
Reflected on the peaceful lake water

Anyway, just pay a visit yourself... i bet you will enjoy the scenery and such a peaceful place for some meditation too... :)


William said...

Lake Taiping!

pikey said...

Taiping Lake Gardens

Evann said...

Haha you know it's illegal to take pictures of children without prior consent or permission?? Hohoho!

vincent said...

i dunno what the couple were talking about~ next time u bring ur GF there and u will know liao lor~~

team.warsurfer said...

Nice lake :)

CH Voon said...

hahaha... later u kena pukul la.... and chasing by 3 kids hahaha

nice view... i think titiwangsa is another good lake la..

the happy go lucky one said...

such a beautiful and peaceful place, love it :)
and ur picture also very nice, all the reflection and colour :)

conan_cat said...

woot? it's taiping lake gardens? :o very nice!! imma ask my friends to go together one day :D

Twilight Zone said...

I love your photos! Good taste, good work! I have not been there for over 20 years! Must bring Mulan there and ride horses with swords!

The couple said:
Abang, aku takut kita kena tangkap sini....
C'yang, jangan risau, abang kasi RM5 boleh kau tim..

Do I win a prize TZ?...

KY said...

Aiyo, Taiping this place

vialentino said...

taiping lake ler....remember the trees

Ann said...

Your two reflection phots are great.

When you take people's photo. aren't you scare they might wallop you? The man looks like he is about to do just that.

Bengbeng said...

stunning pics

ladyviral said...

lovely lake pictures.

i love the first picture :).