Thursday, November 12, 2009

On getting up the hill for Splendid View

Last Saturday, we took a cable car up to a place that have the most splendid view in Penang... Anyone know where is this place that you could see the whole panoramic view of Penang? Yup~ It's the Penang Hill.

Me: Dude, this is the first time to go up... Just wanna to let you know. Don't expect too much eh~
Friend: Why?
Me: Up there nothing much. You are able to see the whole Penang view, a few old hotels, one indian temple, one mosque. That's all.
Friend: Is it? Okie
Me: Yup... we just need about the most 3 hours to finish everything.

Went to buy the ticket and off we went up the hill...

Cable Car waiting lounge @ base station

View from the top station

Cable car shots

Indian temple

Splendid view of the city of Georgetown

Owning a Nikon 18-200mm zoom lens, i managed to take a closer shots of Malaysia longest Bridge from the top of the hill. Errrr.... whenever i saw the Penang Bridge, first thing comes to my mind... Massive Jam... hehehe... with the 3rd lane now, it actually easy the traffic a bit... :)

Penang Bridge

We left Penang Hill at about noon and headed for lunch :)


doc said...

after a trip to penang, people put on weight. are you one also??

Gratitude said...

Used to love going to that lil bungalow that served hailam food which included chicken chop. Wonder whether it is still there?

Medie007 said...


*medie likes this*

manglish said...

super nice*!

+ manglish likes this too + kakakakakka

*prefer food pics lar HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.....


up there really have nothing to do la~

ladyviral said...

Lovely view of the bridge.

Now lets hope it is stable... :/

the happy go lucky one said...

*begs to be different*
where is the food pics lah? lolll...

CH Voon said...

nice View!

Hehehe paseih paseih... i think i never take a cable car yet :(

pikey said...

I love the 2nd and 3rd pic.. the cable car pics... miss going to Pg.

uLi.佑莉 said...

I never take the cable car in Penang lo... paiseh ^^

[SK] said...

eih?? the view is not bad at all.. are you trying to set your friend's expectation low, so that he will get surprises??

Twilight Zone said...

Next time I bring you up at night and you might pee in your pants! So many hantus lurking everywhere! Wooooooooooo Hooooooooooooo!

Your photos looked better than any postcards sold in Penang! I saw my house in your photo!!!!

Grandma must be crazy!

TZ said...

Doc: I din put on any weight for such a short trip... I was in Penang for only 4 days :p

Gratitude: hmmmm... what is the bungalow called?

medie007: hehehe.... nice eh~

manglish: hahaha... manglish like food picture eh~

L2: i enjoyed taking picture of Penang view :p

ladyviral: thanks thanks :p huh? what is not stable?

the happy go lucky one: wow! seems like many people starting to like my food picture post.

CH Voon: thanks thanks ... are you hiking up Penang hill instead of going by cable car?

pikey: one day we should go to Penang together in a group, maybe when grandma brought his gondola back to Penang... we could go there and cruise with granny.

uLi.佑莉: wow~ another hiker eh~

[SK]: yup... better set the expectation right then he went up and got disappointed... :p

Twilight Zone: Dude, i actually plan to stay overnight @ Penang Hill on the next trip. Wanna join me? hehehe... i should send in my resume to Penang Tourism Board and apply the photographer job. :p