Friday, November 6, 2009

@ Penang

I'm in Penang now enjoying the world famous Penang hawker food... All the Penangkia please be jealous eh~ BTW, the Klangkia too... One CKT and CCF picture will be coming soon... Stay tune eh~

Anyway, I don't wanna to show all of you the food pictures now... Let's play some imaginative games... Do imagine you see all the nice nice Penang food in front of you in this quiet and cold night.

Penang Laksa
Char Keoy Teow
Keoy Teow Soup
Hokkien Mee
Gurney Drive BBQ Chicken Wingz (my supper)
Penang ABC
CCF with prawn paste
Penang Lobak

So, are you hungry now?


ladyviral said...

words and text will not make us weak!

Show us the picture soon yea? :P.

manglish said...

you miss out Orr-Jian =)

Bravebear said...

Weird... no picture dun feel a thing! ^.^

U better not post them late at night... always make me hungry~

the happy go lucky one said...

heheee i sure need to make a trip to penang soon...

Gratitude said...

I'm soooooo gonna hv a wide-grin tomorrow night, knowing that you have missed the famous asam fish and homecooked-styled dishes, followed by ol' style tong sui *big bluek*

Gabriel said...

haha...bring it on! no pics no tears. :D are u having holidays now? waht u up to in penang?

LAURENCE said...

during holidays now?

Anonymous said...

So nice food, sure hungry LOL.. but food in Penang relatively cheap as compared to elsewhere in W Msia be it in Mcca or KL.. so much more expensive..
I like Penang n its true beauty.. Orient of the EAst!

Shingo T said...

If my diet doesn't suceed, expect to hear from my lawyer. =p

Shingo T said...

I live Gurney Drive, before I forget. Epic!

TZ said...

Ladyviral: hehehe... picture is coming soon... sure make you hungry :p

manglish: or yes i missed out the famous Orr Jian. Thanks thanks :p

Bravebear: hahaha... just starter. Next will have all midnight post with all the nice food. Yummy~

the happy go lucky one: go go go... make sure you eat and eat and eat and eat and eat... non stop.

Gratitude: Dude, i knew u went dinner with Penangkia... nevermind i will post the CKT, CCF picture. Coming Soon... :p

Gabriel: dude, don't regret eh~

LAURENCE: hahaha... :p

housewife9988: thanks for dropping by my blog. Agreed with you Penang food is nice :)

Shingo T: hehehe... you are so near to the popular and nice BBQ chicken Wingz... Oops~ How sure it's my fault that make you fail on your diet. You are staying in the most happening place in Penang eh with the food stall not close until 1am. It's definitely not my fault .. kekekekeeeee