Friday, November 27, 2009

Cari Makan @ Selangor : YUEN steamboat Buffet

Two days back to back
Two Dinner continuosly
Two Gathering : one for Blogger and one for Family
Celebrated Two event: ThanksGiving and Hari Raya Haji

Day One - November 26th 2009
KY has organized a blogger gathering yesterday. We always have our blogger gathering @ YUEN Buffet Steamboat, Sunway. Thanks KY for going there early to reserve a table for all of us... Basically this round we only have 6 people... I met couples of bloggers face to face in YUEN. Anyone interested to join on the next gathering?

Day Two - November 27th 2009
My sis wanna to go Klang for seafood... My dad said it's too far for us to travel all the way to Klang for seafood... Mom suggested YUEN after hearing my promotion on this place... I would like to thanks Twilight for introduce me to this place. So I actually met Twilight again tonight @ YUEN after the blogger gathering yesterday. His friend treated him the dinner @ YUEN..

People has queued up @ about 6pm

It's a crab of coz it's not this crab

What were they waiting? Anyone wanna to know?
Hehehe... they were waiting for the BBQ Chicken Wingz to be served.

The Seafood Platter

There are all kinds of seafood e.g. Shrimps, Crab, Sea cucumber, Fishes etc... and one more item that KlangKia likes it so much... *Drum* So anyone can guess?
Yup! It's Oysters... he likes Oyster so much that sometime he was craving for Oysters and couldn't resist to pay a visit to YUEN.

There are lots more food which i couldn't describe all in this post... One of their signature food is BBQ Chicken Wings... in my mind interpretted the fighting for chicken wings "No Fight No BBQ Chicken Wings" ... I always have no luck :( ...

Anyway, do pay a visit to YUEN and experiencec the difference... Why i say so?

This is why i say it's a different... Before i left the place @ about 8:45pm and lots of people still queuing to enter YUEN... this is what i said the difference experience... they actually testing your patient while waiting...

Overall, YUEN is a recommended place for Steamboat buffet... but don't expect too much on the ambiance... It's very basic facilities with friendly staff... :)

*Two Thumbs Up* from TZ... :)


Twilight Zone said...

i have gone there 3 TIMESSSSSS this week and our record breaking was 4 invitations per week. The blardy owner still make me queue like hungry ghosts ~ no VIP lanes whatsoever. I think they should sell a Yuen VIP CARD soon!

So all future events would be organized by our Tai Kum Chieh cum Best-Man For Hire gigolo KY!! Kekekekeke!

Gabriel said... place! mebe next time i shall join the bloggers meeting as well?'s the price? reasonable?

William said...

If too many times I think I will puke. :P

uLi.佑莉 said...

I went there before also, average OK lo :)

the happy go lucky one said...

wowww.... u guys really can YUEN :) the oyster is good for that 'ONE' heheee

smallkucing said...

The chicken wings areterrific especially when you have to fight for it.

CH Voon said...

so geng!!!!!

hahaha i think 1 year never go there lo hahhaa :P

Gratitude said...

The Yuen family sld probably pay you for advertising their name so many times! :P

ladyviral said...

looks like a damn crowded place.

I heard of this place before... but because of the crowded place.. and of course lack of people who wants steamboat... I never been there :P.