Saturday, April 17, 2010

A cooling afternoon @ Starbuck Mesra Mall

The weather outside is extremely hot... I have no complain and i don't want to complain as i wanna a nice and clear sky tonight for a starry starry night and a nice sunrise for tomorrow morning. I wanted to lay on the beach and stare @ the nice stars... Hopefully tonight i could capture some nice shots to share with all of you :)

Anyway, I'm in Starbucks Mesra Mall which the whole starbucks is so quiet. My friend and I we had the whole place by ourselves in the hot saturday afternoon until a moment ago one couples walked in... Could you imagine if this happen in Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur?

the counter

Windows seats

Me blogging now

That's all folks... I'm leaving for my next activities soon. We are going to for a cycling and photographing by the beach.


William said...

Mesra Mall?

smallkucing said...

Mesra Mall as in Kemaman..kerteh? Hahaha...dun forget to stop for a cup of Kopi from Hai Peng Kopitiam lor :p

Gratitude said...

You bermesra mesra dengan siapa? :P

the happy go lucky one said...

so nice!

doc said...

you spend so much time at the coffee shop, sometimes i wonder if you actually work!!


uLi.佑莉 said...

Naisss.... ^^

TZ said...

William: Mesra Mall is located near kijal and Kerteh Terengganu.

smallkucing: i bet you been to mesra mall on your way to KT... I been to hai Peng coffee on my last trip. This trip is quite rush so no HP coffee for me :p

Gratitude: Bermesra mesra with the Sara the Starbie branch manager :p

the happy go lucky one: When will you be free... we should organize a blogger trip to a resort ;-)

Doc: it's a Sunday... no work for me ;-)

uLi.佑莉: Yup! it's the nicer outlet that i been... :p

foongpc said...

So which Starbucks you have yet to step into? Haha!