Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Digi iPhone Package vs Maxis iPhone Package

I'm going to change my handphone, I have been looking around for nice and practical phone with good package. I came across this Digi iPhone Package which i just paid RM150 for 2 years and i will get most of the services bundle with the iPhone. Is this worth?

Hmmm... RM150 is kind of expensive for a phone bill but let me re-calculate my total budget to see whether i could afford a RM150 / month for this Digi iPhone package. Oh... I haven't explore the Maxis iPhone package yet. So what is the rate for Maxis iPhone package... anyone?

So what do you think?


William said...

The good thing about DiGi is you don't need to worry about over-using your data quota. No surprises in your bill!

Evann said...

RM150/month? How much is your current monthly bill?

KY said...

I think RM150 is kinda reasonable, with the data package is included. Go for it!!! Though I'm not a big fan of iphone.

the happy go lucky one said...

the thought did come across my mind, but guess im not eligible for it yet :P

Gratitude said...

You poor-lil-rich-kid! :P

smallkucing said...

i didnt know about this offer Not techno savy. Guess it's worth it gua since Digi is a good service provider

Takashi said...

I am on Maxis IVP100, monthly bill is RM100 (upfront payment of 5 months bill RM400), then I got my phone at RM200 discount, so its RM1790 for 32gb 3GS.. on a 24m contract.. So at signup, I pay only RM2190..

Comes with 333mins of free calls, and 500mb of data (I am a very, very heavy user of data and I only use about 120mb of data only per month).. As in I am online on my iphone 24/7..

Digi's is, RM88/m but you must pay the FULL 24m/36m contract at sign-up.. means you'll be paying about RM4K at sign-up for the cheapest package..

Anyway, I never, never like Digi anyway cos I think their after sales service sucks (was a digi user once as a second line, and I cancelled it after a while, not without tonnes of running around and hassle)..

So I got my iphone a day before Digi laucch theirs.. and thats only beaceause I am a loyal Maxis customer, a happy one, and a satisfied customer..

blue said...

iphone 4g is coming up soon..so maybe worth while to hold ur purchase for now, if u can wait :)