Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Money Talk

What would you do if you have this amount of money -- 10,000,000,000?I came across one notes with this amount 10,000,000,000. And there were whole stack of the notes laying on the floor.... I just don't know what to do as no one actually care about these notes... why?

Front of the currency notes from Hell Bank

Back of the currency notes from Hell Bank

When i first saw these notes, first thing came into my mind was the Zimbabwe currency notes... hahaha... no offense but in Zimbabwe they used the whole stack of currency notes to buy a loaf of bread. So how much is 10,000,000,000 worth in another world? Anyone has the answer?Don't mind sharing with us? :p


William said...

Such vibrant colours these days.

KY said...

Who cares about the value?
That's why ppl started to burn bank, petrol station etc now. A bit too much I think. :)

CH Voon said...

wah... dont keep this ... it is suap oh.

p/s: dont go to ukraine, you will regret 1000% time for sure.

the happy go lucky one said...

really lor, its like so MUCH... sometimes i also wonder whether it would b as useful :P

Evann said...

Neh like the picture lor. So $10billion can buy a castle.

smallkucing said...

errrr....i guess i would have been dead then :p

3quarks said...

well i think you need somebody that just been through hell to answer your question:p

TZ said...

William: i don't really like the color ... I still prefer green only...i.e. USD :p

KY: wow~ Petrol Station and Bank... So Kiasu...

CH VOON: i din keep any... just a snapshot of the image to share with all of you. Anyway, it's in the pocket of my great grand parent and my grandparents now... :p

the happy go lucky one: We will now when time has come... :p

Evann: hahaha... how we wish we have $10 billion eh~ Can shop shop until buying the whole shop :p

smallkucing: ????

3quarks: hahaha... that's y i still haven't get my answer yet :p