Saturday, April 24, 2010

A tour to Shutter Island

I just came back from a visit to Shutter Island. It was a nice visit as the scenery of the island is very beautiful with the cliff smashed by the aggressive wave from the rough sea... There were one nice and old light house in the middle of the rocky island.

"You'll never leave this island"

This island is located in US and it's an island where the mental hospital located. Okay~ it's just a movie called Shutter Island which i just watched this afternoon. It's about mental prisoner errrr... patient in the island... Just go over to the cinema and watch the movie :p

Basically this is a recommended movie to watch especially for medical student. Those medical students were so excited when come to all the cases mentioned in the movie. I bet lots of discussion among themselves after this movie. As the IT guy, i just think that it's a great movie cause the storyline is not as difficult to understand compare to the Silent of the Lambs.

Anyway, i wouldn't want to be a spoiler for the rest of you who haven't watched this movie. Go and watch it eh~ Two Thumbs up from TZ :p


smallkucing said...

I havent watched yet. Saw advertised in Astro. Wanna watch :)

foongpc said...

Nice movie! I rate it 8/10!

Btw watched this movie at GSC Signature Gold Class - damn nice!!! : )

TZ said...

Smallkucing: It's recommended to watch but don't get scared by the sound effect eh~

foongpc: Wow! Dude, you are rich... Watching movie @ GSC Signature Gold Class. hehehe... you heart must have been jumped out when the sound effect.

Victor Tan said...

Hi! TZ. I don't have time watching movies, but I heard that Shutter Island is a good watch. Waiting for Iron Man 2, though.

By the way, referring to your comment posted on Dylan's blog (on politics and voting), are you replying to me?

If yes, do refer back to the comment list, or visit my blog, as I got a post that replies to your comment.