Thursday, May 13, 2010

Going Business Trip soon

I received a text from my big boss while watching Iron Man 2 last night.

"Please bring your passport to office tomorrow."

Hmmm... I knew it, I will be traveling next week. To where? :-p

I will have a busy day today to plan all the travel itinerary and plan to handle all the situation and stuff while we were there. Hopefully i still have time to hit the gym tonite. Gotta go and get ready to hit the office now. Ciao~


[SK] said...

wow, so where are you going for the business trip?? can take a chance to hang around that place~~ :)


ooo~ go where go where?

the happy go lucky one said...

so lawatan main-main sambil bekerja? so nice!

William said...

Bawak passport? Kena buat visa le tu.

CH Voon said...

maybe you will go to japan to meet manglish?

TZ said...

[SK]: i don't think this country is so easy to travel around... ;p

L2: guess ? Look @ my new post. The map is there :p

the happy go lucky one: mana boleh... Office --> Hotel --> Office. i don't i will enjoy this place :(

William: yup... need visa :p

CH Voon: how i wish i could go Japan. A nice place to visit :) I been to Tokyo 10 years back for business trip.