Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Saturday again... :(

Saturday is a Monday for Iranian... I'm going back to the battle ground again :( what to do i need to fight. Work over in Iran is not as easy as other country... everyday like a battle ground, everything also need to fight. It's going to be a hectic Saturday again. The demanding customers sure come and ask for more stuff but we are given so little resources to operate. There are so many restriction in the country especially in the telecommunication. I slowly learn how to manage under these restricted resources and so many rules and regulation situation.

Anyway, enough of ranting and i have to get ready and move on to the office now. Ciao~
Have a nice Weekend to the rest of the world eh~


CH Voon said...

it is really not easy to work at others place if they not provide help u need.

good luck! when come back ur pocket will full of money for ur handwork

smallkucing said...

have a nice week :D

TZ said...

Ch Voon: How i wish :p

Smallkucing: i hope to have a nice week ahead but i doubt so :(

foongpc said...

Sat is Mon in Iran? That's bad! Quickly return to Malaysia!

TZ said...

Foongpc: How i wish but need to complete my mission first. Anyway i still have another one more week to go >.<