Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Transit @ Dubai

After 6 hours flight from KL to Dubai. Finally, i'm @ Dubai now. The internet speed in Dubai airport is so fast compare to KLIA. Anyway, this might be my last post before going into Iran and i might not be able to post any update until i touched down in Dubai again. Hmmm... don't ask me why but i heard from my colleagues that Iran govt might block blogspot and others website.

Anyway, will try to take some picture to share with you. Ciao~


Lifebook said...

Gift! Gift!


will u go iraq too?

ladyviral said...

souvenir! souvenirs! :P
have a good trip.

CH Voon said...

take care - enjoy ur trip!

TZ said...

Lifebook: Gift Gift ... hehehe :p

L2: I'm not going to Iraq... just only Iran.

Ladyviral: I also don't know what good over here. But i heard their mix nuts is nice :)

CH Voon: thanks :)