Friday, May 7, 2010

iPhone on Paper

I was having lunch @ One-U yesterday with my colleagues. After lunch i decided to drop by the yellowman center to sign up iPhone. I waited for 20 mins and finally the lady was free to attend me. So i asked a couple of question to clear my doubts and so excited to get my very first iPhone 3Gs.

Me: How long it takes to sign up for this plan?
yellowman lady: Are you using Digi number?
Me: Yes~ I'm using prepaid. (I'm always the Yellowman supporter).
Yellowman Lady: Okie, you just need to switch prepaid to postpaid and sign up this plan.
Me: hmmm... that's easy. So how long the whole process takes?
Yellowman Lady: about 2 hours...
Me: Oh no... *sad face* i don't have 2 hours today. Where can i go other than One U?
Yellowman Lady: Sir, you can go to SS2, Solaris Mont Kiara, KLCC... they open from 10am-10pm.
Me: Hmmm... maybe i will go to Solaris then, it's near my place. Thanks for your help.
Yellowman Lady: You are welcome.

I was disappointed to leave the Yellowman center as i could not get my iPhone. I need to rush back to work :( So when i met my another colleagues, he was looking forward to touch my new iPhone and was also disappointed...

J: So where is your iPhone, can i have a look?
Me: Yup, here you go iPhone on paper. *i pass him the brochure that have DIGI iPhone plan*
J: hey, you din sign up at the end.
Me: Need 2 hours to sign up. where got time? No need to work?
J: *laugh*

So this Saturday i will be going to have my 2nd attempt to sign up for the DIGI iPhone package then...


CH Voon said...

hope to see ur new iphone soon.

how much the cost?

William said...

It took me around 4 hours on a Saturday. :S

manglish said...

yay i want iphone too hahahhah

smallkucing said...

Doesnt sound like very friendly service :(

Medie007 said...

cakap ony....

the happy go lucky one said...

heheee make sure u dun anything sensitive in ur phone before u show it to ur colleague hor :P

foongpc said...

Welcome to the iPhone 3Gs Club! I love the iPhone soooooo much!!! No regrets getting one!

Eh, how come need 2 hours to sign up? It took me just 20 mins! : )

TZ said...

CH Voon: another three more weeks only i could start to get iPhone.

William: it took three weeks or more to complete this work :(

Manglish: iPhone eh~

smallkucing: Yup... Yellowman is the best :p

Medie007: What "cakap ony" So sad i couldn't sign up for iPhone until 2 weeks later.

The happy go lucky one: Unfortunately, I didn't get my iPhone due to some phone accounts issues. Will blog abt this later.

foongpc: hehehe... so you always update your blog and facebook in Fitness First The Curve :p