Friday, May 28, 2010

Iranian Food

Whenever we travel, what we would like to do is to taste the food of that country. So do i...
Few days back my big boss brought us to a nice Iranian restaurant. This was not the first time i had Iranian food because i had Iranian food everyday for lunch since the day i stepped into the office. Why? Cause the office that i worked in, provide us Iranian pack lunch.

Anyway, let's go back to the Iranian restaurant. The moment we walked in i felt so Iran as the smell and they played the Iranian song... it's a very nice ambiance and lots of Iranian actually dine inside. We are the only Non Iranian :p

The Restaurant

The Iranian bread for starter

The mix pickles eating together with the tasty Iranian bread

The three main dishes (mix pickles, chicken herbs, Goat Neck, Fish in herbs)

Tasty Iranian rice

Stew Goat Neck

Iranian Beer

This is the first time i ate goat neck... and the Iranian rice is so yummy. Guess what? the beer you can drink as much as you like and you will not get drunk... It's actually Malt with some favor like Apple, Peach etc.

So anyone can guess how much was the dinner cost in Iran Rial?


manglish said...

ok the bread looked interesting and the goat neck??? meat from neck area? and more question: beer???? they are muslims maaa????? hahahahha

ps: your links are not infected it was from another blogger hahaah false alarm now i open one by one hehehhe paiseh :p

blue said...

seem like the iranian women dresses the tudung more loosely compare to they bungkus tightly like wanton. Are they not as religiously strict as portrayed?

Danny said...

goat NECK??? geli nyerr
i love the texture of the starter bread.. can use to make costume horr? ;p

smallkucing said...

ada tapau ka? kakakak

the rice looks like nasi beriani..yumm

TZ said...

manglish: I like their bread and the goat neck is the meat from the neck area. It's tasty but feel a bit weird. hahaha... their beer is non-alcohol beer.

blue: depends on individual. Over in Iran the whole society is very conservative as their day to day life but i heard they have wild private party... So interested to attend their wild private party thot :p Anyway, i could not wear shorts outside my room.

Danny: Making costume and we have tasty Danny then... Yum Yum :p

Smallkucing: No Tapau! Need to finish in the restaurant :p I like their long grain rice. It's yummy~

William said...

The bread looks like it was attacked by insects!

TZ said...

William: I think it's more like being used as the bullet proof vest but failed :p

CH Voon said...

yes... my colleage went to tehran, iran before. he drink non-alcoholic beer like u posted here as well.

the happy go lucky one said...

they looks yummy, but goat neck? dont think i like the idea :P