Saturday, May 15, 2010

Maybank : The most lousy and inconvenient bank in the world

I went to KLCC for pilate class. The pilate class was a nice one... The instructor Ethan was focusing on me. Maybe i was one of his student that could perform those high difficulty position. Blek~ Anyway, it was a nice session and i feel soreness now. Too bad, i would need to skip his class on the coming two Saturday.

After coming out from the gym, i walked over to the Maybank near Burger King... thinking of doing some transaction in the Maybank as i knew they open for business on Saturday and Sunday.

Me: Good afternoon, I would like to withdrawn some money from my Maybank A/C.
Maybank Staff: Sir, is your a/c in KLCC?
Me: Hmmm... Nope, my a/c is @ xxxxxx.
Maybank Staff: Sorry sir, we only open for those a/c which is in KLCC.
Me: *dropping jaws, open eyes* What? Why i could not do any transaction. It's Maybank right?
Maybank Staff: *pointing to the notes" Sorry Sir, we already have this notice. No transaction for Maybank a/c from other branches other than KLCC.
Me: Okie,,, *with a sour face and about to burst*

So what to do? I have no choice but to stick with this lousy bank. My paycheck is bank into this lousy bank. It's impressed that they open business 7 days a week but not to all branches a/c. Only their own branch i.e. KLCC branch. What is the point to open on Saturday/Sunday? Really don't know what is the challenge and difficulty behind the scene which cause them not to open to all branches a/c to perform their transaction on Saturday and Sunday. What is the use of million even billion dollars of banking systems they had implemented if they couldn't even served their customers from varies branches during weekends. As working in IT for so many years, i really don't get the logic behind...

Moreover, we as the customers could perform all the transaction @ various branches during weekdays in regardless of where is your a/c located. But why we could not perform during weekend? What is the main reason. :@ :@ :@ I'm damn disappointed with this lousy and inconvenient Maybank for their customers service. Why they still open on Saturday / Sunday if they could not provide the full services. Do you think this bank is a lousy and inconvenient as per said?

BTW, anyone using Am bank or CIMB which their branches open business on Saturday and Sunday too. Do you face the same problem that i have faced with this lousy Maybank?


uLi.佑莉 said...

This is very very bad service then!!

CH Voon said...

i dont have ambank and cimb as well.

yalor it is same apply to all maybank.

if i am not wrong... morning until certain time until 12pm gua... any account is allowed. but after certain time, only the branch customer will be entertained.

Evann said...

Ha, well that's just dumb. But why am I not surprised? I used to have three accounts with Maybank but due to their nonsense policies, I closed them all. I decided that I shouldn't trust stupid people with my money. Haha!

pikey said...

eh... this is so weird! It's first time I'm hearing this...

SynchingZincInc said...

I've got my fair-share of such nonsense at Maybank Pavilion Branch.
Either in-efficient system or they are lazy to do the extra

William said...

Use ATM lo.

smallkucing said...

some other bank also same