Monday, July 26, 2010

Malacca - Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk

July 24th 2010 Malacca : TZ and his friends have attended this world wide event organized by Neoh Soon Heung aka Ahhueng. There are total 44 people have signed up for this event in Malacca. We gathered @ Taman Merdeka near the independent train.

This was the first international event that TZ participated. Due to not much time, he didn't get to know each of the photographer and talk to them. But anywhere, with the Face book as the social networking tools. He already received 2 requested to be friend from the group.

So are you excited to see the outcome of what TZ has snapped during the walk?

Christ Church Malacca

Porta De Santiago

Malacca River

Cheng Yun Temple

Artist @ Porta De Santiago

That's it for now... there are plenty more shots coming up.... Stay tune Eh~
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William said...

I'm also doing my Melaka series on Flickr. :P

smallkucing said...

lovely. But the photo of the Fort looks a bit dark. cloudy day ya.

TZ said...

William: good... Tz like this.

Smallkucing: yup, it is cloudy.

Xjion89 said...

wow, quite adventurous! hahaha, even though it is in Malacca, stil quite interesting to take photos here and thre^^

TZ said...

Xjion89: I like to take picture in Malacca but Penang is event better now. Clean, organized and friendly people too. Next destination should be Penang :p