Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ned vs Bra

My boss has organized a football team building with his team last night. This is not really an official team building, just a night out on drink and balls. BTW, this is the first match that i really watched from the beginning till the end.

I posted a status update on my facebook

TZ is watching football with his boss and the rest of his colleagues :p
My friend added comment : I'm gonna buy the lottery tomoro! wakakaka

So anyone wanna to buy lottery or 4D today? the lucky number is 2111

Anyway, i was having a fun time with my boss and the team... we were shouting, cheering and drinking... My boss, few of my colleagues and I were supported Ned from the beginning till the end. Only one of my colleagues supported Bra... 4 vs 1 :p

Guess what? my boss got a free jug of beer from the house for guessing the exact right score for Ned vs Bra game.

Go Ned go ...


William said...


TZ said...

William : you support Bra?

smallkucing said...

alamak...i thought Ned is a guy name and Bra as in to wear punya. *pengsan*

That's why la...padan muka me for tarak follow football

TZ said...

smallkucing : hahaha... LOLx