Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RPM endurance

Me: Tonight i'm going for cycling class

Engineer: Wow~ you are so professional, you attend class for cycling.
Me: I'm going for RPM... and it's a exercise class in Fitness Firat.
Engineer: Oh! It's exercise class in Fitness First. I thought you are going for cycling professional class (learn how to cycle).
Me: *eye rolling* errrrr... why i need to learn how to cycle? Anyway, i'm going for RPM Endurance class.
Engineer: What is the different between RPM and RPM endurance.
Me: RPM is 45 mins class and it's 9 tracks including warm up and cool down. RPM Endurance is 1.5 hours class and it's 18-19 tracks depends on instructor including warm up and cool down.
Engineer: oh... must be fun and tough
Me: hmm... this one is not that tough coz there is another 3 hours class coming soon. want to come along ?
Engineer: errr... nope thanks.

I attended the RPM endurance 1.5 hours class last night. It was fun and we had two Mountain track at the end of the class before cool down (total track: 19). I'm looking forward for the 3 hours RPM class on July 27th 2010. Not sure whether Paul the gym bunny wanna to come over to KL for this 3 hours class. wink~


William said...

Lenguhnya kaki....

smallkucing said...

wah you really have a lot of "hei"(Breath) . :D Still young nevermind

Gratitude said...

Must leave some energy for your other exercise :P

Twilight said...

These cycling classes are more fun than combats and step classes!

CH Voon said...

so complicated... need go there a look then i can understand what u mean...

TZ said...

William: haaaaa...

smallkucing: stamina built from time to time... recently i think my stamina dropped :(

Gratitude: your meant weight lifting after RPM. Usually i will not do any weight lifting after such exercise.

Twilight : so grandma joining RPM?

CH Voon: Confused? Come and join us one of this day then you wil understand :p