Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cari Makan @ Kuala Lumpur: La Risata

I got to know this restaurant from Bahija as we went to this restaurant for our dinner last night. This Restaurant located @ Damansara Heights. So it's not far away from our place. The restaurant is hiding @ the residential area. It's the row behind Victoria Station DH.

We were the first customer and we were greeted. After settled with our orders, Bahija and I was chatting and catching up since we haven't met for months.

Starter : Bread with olive spread


Pizza with Mussel ( think of Sarawakian Fried Oyster Egg)

Zuppa Di Pesce

The food is good but unfortunately all the food served at the same time. Some of the food has already cold when we wanted to eat... we were taking our time and chatting. The Zuppa Di Pesce should be nice if it's still hot. So if you happen to go there, ask them to slow down the serving.

The customer service was not as impress as the environment. I felt like they were chasing us away, they did not refill our water and when we asked for the check, we have to asked a few times only we got their attention.

Summary Rating:
First Impression (greeting customer) : 4/5
Ambience (table setting, environment) : 4/5
Customer Service (Serving food, response to customer request) : 2/5
Food & baverage (taste, quality, value for money) : 2.5/5
Overall rating : 2.5/ 5

Bahija, thanks for the nice dinner.


smallkucing said...

next time just stand up and pretend wanna go off. Sure the bill will come flying kakakaa

TZ said...

Worry ended up in police station ;-)

[SK] said...

to me, service is the most important thing i'm expecting from a restaurant.. if i'm not happy, i'll ban that restaurant forever..

uLi.佑莉 said...

Cabut saja la...haha!

TZ said...

[SK]: seems like we have common actions. Ban the bad service restaurant ;-p

Uli: hehehe.... Have u done that before? What is the result?

manglish said...

me 3..i mean bad service piss me off oso

TZ said...

Manglish: I have banned a pizza place in klcc. Now the 2 nd one. Next time no more pizza for TZ. Blek~