Thursday, July 29, 2010

I got a new challenge

And i got it...

When you are giving a mission to clean the messy street, the messy apartment or the mess in the office, what would you do? Will you hire a cleaner to clean the mess? Or you will attempt to clean it yourself? What is your say? I know your question will be do i have a choice?

How about project? What would you do?
I'm not sure whether i'm lucky or not? I always got a project which is a mess and challenging to make the project up and running with the expected timeline. Usually the project team has no other option but just need to move forward and patch along the way.

My boss has recently assigned me to a project which need some clean up and lots of stakeholders from external parties. A lot of my time spent in observation and understand the process. Meeting over meeting to the roadblock and assist the existing project manage to take away them. Am i the cleaner in this situation?

From my past experience, i always got this kind of project... Go into the project halfway or the project has failed in the first phase etc... It's a steep learning curve for everything. But i like this kind of challenging job which i could brush up my soft skill. And I like the moment of getting the project back on track :p

Okay enough of ranting, gotta go down to the battlefield with armor. Lot of mess waiting for TZ. Anyone can spare me a broom? *wink*


William said...

Vacuum cleaner?

Gratitude said...

It alwiz frustrating to clean up someone else's shit.

smallkucing said...

your boss look up to you baru let you do challenging project. If simple one then you'll feel bored and the brain start to grow mushroom. Hope everything go smoothly for you

uLi.佑莉 said...

Then you must be a very capable staff, and that's why ur boss assign this important project to you :)

Koala Express said...

go to battle with armor ah? no sword 1. lolx. ppl use guns lor. :P

CH Voon said...

maybe u are unlucky guy... always help to clean people 's shit :(

but it is good for you to grow stronger like superman

TZ said...

William: I'm not a vacuum cleaner... not sucking all the shit. I just need a broom and a big carpet. hehehe... :p

Gratitude: yup... but when successfully clean up the mess. It's so soooo satisfy.

smallkucing: Thanks ... i hope everything will be smooth in the next two months. My previous project took me 6 months to clean up. Not sure how much time needed for this one :p

uLi.佑莉: eeeee... i think so.

Koala Express: i don't use sword, i only use my brain and mouth. And some invisible armor which i will not reveal here. It's secret :p

CH Voon: i really don't know whether i'm lucky or unlucky but i think i usually have the luck to get those challenging project to build the skill i required.