Tuesday, May 24, 2011

21 years old...

It's 2:30am in the morning, i'm still awake... I visited couple of blogs and came across SmashPop blog which he posted about Mike's 21st birthday.

I'm thinking if i was given a chance to go back to 21st birthday. How am i doing differently? BTW, i had a nice 21st birthday back in Canada. My housemates have thrown me a 21st birthday with my buddy whom are 3 days younger than me. Guess what? We were born in the same hospital in KL but we didn't know each other until 18 years later, we met in the college and were in the same university.

When i turned 21 years old, my plan was to register as a legal voter to exercise my rights. Secondly i wanted to pay a visit to Casino De Genting. hehehe.... I could officially step into the Casino.

Hey~ any of you whom have turned 21 years old and yet to register as a legal voter. Please do so now... you have the responsible to exercise your rights in our lovely country. If you didn't register yourself as a voter, please remain silent cause you have given up your rights to voice. So please don't compliant about our lovely government treated you badly or the alternative done a bad job.... etc etc. You yourself given up your own valuable rights.

Anyhow, if you are given a chance turn the clock back to 21 years old, what would you do differently? For those who haven't reach 21 years old. What would be your plan?


Filip Demuinck said...

If I could go back to 21, I would be more efficient in my carreer and hobbies. I would focus from the start.

[SK] said...

i straight away registed as a voter when i can do so, and i remember i voted for my rights in the following election.. so far 2 times i've voted already, and this year (if there is) will be 3rd time.. :)

Small Kucing said...

no i would not

Medie007 said...

blek. dunno who lor.

Twilight said...

My 21st birthday was a big blast that I could never forget. I shared it with my best friend who was born on the same date with me. We had over 100 guests and a giant Key-shaped cake was delivered to my home. It cracked and split. I was so pantang! That night my friend broke off with his girlfriend who ditched him. Muahaha!

TZ said...

Filip Demunick: hmmm... that's what i think so. Are we old enough to think that :p

[SK]: You are a good citizen... So who you vote for if you don't mind sharing ;-)

smallkucing: Hmmm... why would not?

Medie007: who???

Twilight: Wow~ you have a big celebration. So you had invited the whole village to join your party eh~