Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blogger Recommended editor NOT working

I kept getting the loading icon in the new Blogger recommended editor. Because of the loading icon, i could not write anything on the editor. It's seems like loading something at the background.... When it will stop? Hmmm... I have no idea.

So i when into the help forum and realized that i was not the only one. After searching the on the help forum, I followed the forum recommended to switch back to the old editor and i managed to update my blog. I think something must has been changed and caused the whole blogger community are not able to update their blog via Blogger New Editor.

This is what i got... if you can see the loading icon in the center of the editor... it was spinning and spinning and spinning non stop!

I have no choice but changing on the setting back to old editor in order to write this post. Do you face the same issue as me?

Ps: click here to the help forum on this issue


[SK] said...

yeah, i had issue with that too (i guess sometime ago) and switched back to stick to the old editor and never have any problem..

Small Kucing said...

ya..i switched back already too

Medie007 said...

revert long time ago. hahaha tat time cannot upload picture.

TZ said...

[SK]: never know all the lots of people is actually using the old version including you. I have no problem with the new version until recently. Sigh~

Smallkucing: no wonder the blog community suddenly so quiet.

Medie007: you have been using old version too.

Twilight said...

I was quiet cos I was lazy and busy with my friend getting possessed.