Friday, May 20, 2011

Penang Free WIFI

Registering an account for accessing wifi within the Georgetown. The state government of Penang finally gotten Penang with free wifi for all penangite and it's visitors. I'm not sure how much the state government need to pay for the service but definitely this is a good decision. So anyone know who is the provider of Penang Free Wifi? The Penang Free Wifi is powered by REDTONE. The speed of the Penang Free Wifi is fast ~~~

Now look at what 1Malaysia have given? Nope... Do we have 1Malaysia Free Wifi? Nope... We only have 1Malaysia email which the provider company charges the government RM0.50 for each of the email. Imagine one email... how many mail you sent per day? just talking on you yourself?

Let's go back to Penang Free Wifi... I was impress with this free services that the Penang state government has provided. This has benefit to all people from various age, group and races. Anyway, on your next visit to Penang, don't forget to sign up your own a/c and access internet via the PENANG FREE WIFI.

Dear Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, 
As the citizen of Metropolitan KL, when are you getting our KL FREE WIFI? this is NOT acceptable which the metropolitan / capital of the country. DO NOT have free wifi like Penang. Sigh~


Small Kucing said...

Haiz...Free water also dont have sugar naik harga...even drink kopi also cannot afford liao lo

TZ said...

small kucing: i think we need a huge change... CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE since the lovely Govt like change :p

Bananazஇ said...

CHANGE for the better why not?

[SK] said...

yes, that is so unreasonable.. actually instead of spending for the 1Malaysia email account, spend it on free wifi, then everyone will have access to their personal emails!!!

Twilight said...

CHANGE! CHANGE! move to Penang and retire!

Medie007 said...

KL got wifi zone also mar... but not free one la. hahahaha

TZ said...

Bananazஇ: Of coz we wanna to change for better... see Penang people has given the alternative a chance to show what they can do.

[SK]: Exactly... Totally agree with you.

Twilight: Hmm... it's a good idea though... better than staying in this city of pot holes eh~

Medie007: the wifi in KL named WHITE ELEPHANT... not working, i really not sure whether it's need to pay.