Wednesday, January 9, 2008


A for what? I bet people will answer A for Apple :->

I started taking 2 apples daily since 6 months ago. There once said " An apple a day chase the doctor away" So, what should we said if you eat 2 apples a day? "x2"? Anyway, i didn't visit any doc since then.... touch wood :-p

You must have guessed what type of apples i'm taking from the picture. Yes! i'm taking Granny Smith which claimed to be one of the most antioxidant compare to other type of apples. Here's some description of Granny Smith Apples and its history

Green, extremely tart, crisp, juicy and versatile, they’re available year-round. Grannies are a favorite of Washington state pie-bakers. They’re also excellent for snacking and salads. Warm days and cool summer nights ensure crunch and flavor for October harvest.

Introduction to market: 1868
Place of origin: Australia
Parentage: Believed to be descended from French crabapples cultivated by Australian grandmother Maria Ann Smith.

I usually take one at about 4pm in the evening and another i take it before i sleep as a snack. It works well for me as i felt more fresher and healthy after taking this 2 apples per day. Guess what? I saw another theory / article on "3 apples per day plan" by Tammi Flynn.

A breakthrough weight loss program based on eating well from now on, and not feeling deprived. By combining balanced meals with exercise - and adding the fat-loss accelerator of three apples a day - the plan allows your body to maintain valuable muscle tissue (the key to metabolism) while shedding unwanted layers of fat. It is a foundation for permanent fat loss.

I'm not sure how true is this as i could not talk about this with my experience. Anyway, you could get the book and try it out... :-> Let me know if you try that out eh!

For further reading about apples or recipe, just pay a visit to
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3. Apple: (hehehe... this can not be eaten :-p )


Anonymous said...

Good for you man but be careful to say that you never see the doc because the moment you proclaim that you may soon end up to see the doc...I don't know why? It happens sometimes...

I don't take apple everyday, not because I don't like apple but cold storage, it a bit expensive..

But I am so glad regardless of lacking of apple taking, if I remember right it have been more than year I never see the docs. In my own term, I say praise the Lord.


Jian said...

ermmmm TZ, how bout banana aka gong jiu?!?! i mean, apple good also la.. but but but.. banana leh?? :)

TZ said...

Dalantau: The apple in cold storage is expensive yet not very fresh. I buy all my apple from Isetan KLCC.

Jian: I do eat banana too but i prefer apple as banana has higher carbs than apple :-p

Ray said...

Apple juice count ah? haha..

Jayce said...

Yup. I love to drink apple juice. Can it work as replacement? :)

TZ said...

Ray: I think it will be okay...

Jayce: errr... not sure. but it should be okay as long as they don't add on sugar :->