Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jan 30th : 1 year older ...

I was in Penang for 2 days face to face meeting. Managed to drop by Chilis @ G-hotel to meet up my bartender friend Mahen since i checked in to Evergreen. Gary, my buddy/colleague has offered me a ride to Evergreen.


Gurney Drive

I flied to Penang early morning and attended the meeting until 5:30pm. Gary and I headed to Evergreen to check in, then walked over to Chilis G-Hotel for our dinner. While waiting for the food to be served, i jokingly mentioned that Jan 30th is my birthday. Mahen did not believe until i showed him my IC, he was trying to call his fellow colleague to sing me a song but i would like to make it low profile as i was so shy to have birthday near the bar... i was afraid to stand on the bar... hehehe... :-p

Guess what? He started to plan on knocking me out with the nice drinks he made for me.

Martini Dry

Martini Up

grave yard

Together with me @ the dinner were Gary and Mahen... We sat @ Chilis by the bar from 8-11pm chatting while sipping the drink, munching the chip after our dinner. Gary enjoyed his favorites Bottemless Nacho Chips... I felt warm and an enjoyable evening @ the pre-birthday nite in Penang.

TZ and Gary

Mahen and TZ

I walked into the meeting room this morning with a surprise. My colleagues sang me the birthday song before the meeting... It was a WoW! and it was so warm too... :-> Thanks. I was tired after the whole day meeting but guess what? the meeting was so fruitful... this was a good birthday present for me. Rushed to the airport after the meeting, but unfortunately the taxi was stucked in the jam for nearly 1/2 hr due to a poor planning of the Penang city council road upgrading job...

Poor timing on road upgrade

Sunset @ Penang Airport

At the end, i managed to get one flight earlier and get back to KL about 9pm.
In summary, i managed to get lots of wishes from my friends and family members... What a nice 2008 birthday although i was away from KL.


Ray said...


Happy Birthday! Well, is still 1/30/2008 over here at 10:10pm.


TZ said...

Ray: Thanks :->