Monday, January 28, 2008

What happen to the Smelly Shoe?

I got this humorous advertisement for your enlighten on Monday, got it @ my mailbox and managed to get it from the Youtube...

The dog is a good kicker too... he could be a dog soccer "David Beckham" :-p
Next time, when you see a dog, beware of your shoes (if they are smelly). Wondered what will the lady reaction when she came out from the house? :-p


Jian said...

hahaha.. the way the doggie can't breathe after taking the shoes out.. tat expression is classic la!!!

TZ said...

Jian: i wondered whether this is real or not ... anyway, this is a very creative ads.

JJzai said...

the dog is so clever and cute!!!!!
Funny clip!!!

TZ said...

jjzai: thanks for dropping by :-> I wish i have a dog like him (the one in the clip).