Thursday, January 10, 2008

Service Interrupted...

Half way updating my blog, all of the sudden my laptop hang... later i was trying to connect to Fitness First website to view my class for today... damn! the internet was down again... tried to restart my modem but the service still not came back up. I have no choice but to contact the StreamyX help center 1-300-88-9515. Made a report and now... hehehe... I'm borrowing from my nice neighbour. This is the advantage of staying in the condo with a wireless enable laptop... :->

Talk about StreamyX... I have already lost confident with them, i read lots of blog and i have lots of friends were having tons of problem with StreamyX... the monopoly internet provider. So what do you think? Have you face lots of issue with StreamyX? Or you are very happy with their services... :-p


narrowband said...

We all have run into problems with Streamyx at least once before, it's like a 'requirement' to be a broadband user in Malaysia. LOL. In your case, maybe it's more frequent than usual. I have not had problem with Streamyx in the past 6 months. Surprising eh? Can't believe it myself lol.

Jayce said...

I did have problem with Streamyx before. Down around 3 weeks. I made at least 10 calls that time. Finally, service back to normal.
Hmm... It works fine right now. 'Touch wood'. Hope it won't down again. :P