Sunday, January 6, 2008

First Weekend of 2008...

I got off work at about 5:15pm and straighaway headed to downtown KL via KL-Putrajaya Highway. It took me 30 mins to reach the ramp to KLCC. But after the ramp down to Jalan Tun Razak, the jam started. Took me about 30 mins to reach SPK with the worst jam @ Jalan Pinang i.e. the road behind SPK.

Anyway, I managed to reach Fitness First @ SPK 15mins before the class starts. Attended RPM by Michelle. Her class was very motivated and we worked extra hard as she was pushing us from track to another track. What a satisfied and enjoyable class i had. After the RPM, I straightaway hit the Bodypump class @ the main studio. Kento was the instructor for the bodypump class on Friday. He is a very tough guy and he likes all challenging tracks, so does his participant i.e. Friday SPK class... i was suffer as i add on more weights for all the tracks, but i managed to finish all the track as expected... :-p What a tough class especially after RPM.

I skipped my 2 hours pilate class to go for my haircut. Made an appointment earlier with my hairstylist that morning... and headed to the hairstylist place @ about 1pm. My dad kept encouraging me to change the hairstylist because he felt that my hairstylist has overcharged me... i didn't feel like a change now. Anyway, it was so crowded. I have to wait for nearly 1.5 hrs for my turn even i had made an appointment... :-( By the time i finished, it was already 5pm. Rushing back to take a shower and headed to Subang Sheraton for Wedding Dinner.

My mom's friend has invited mom and dad to attend her daugther's wedding dinner. Since my dad's friend also invited him for a wedding dinner at the same night and mom has RSVP two person will attend the wedding. I gotta to represent my dad to attend the wedding dinner with my mom. The wedding was quite fun as lots of chatting with my mom's friends and met quite a number of artists... but what i was not very keen was i got the standard question again and again from my mom's friend... guess what is the standard question? hehehe...

Woke up early today and headed to the CPIM class. I will have another 3 more weekend classes to complete this module i.e. Basic Supply Chain Management (BACM). I was tired after the whole day class... i managed to hit the gym for about 1.5 hrs... 45mins on x-trainer (cardio) and 45mins on chest, abs and shoulder workout. Headed back for dinner as my mom has fried noodles and cooked the purple sweet potatoes dessert... Yummy!


cheerfulday said...

Quite busy ya your weekend.. :)

TZ said...

cheerfulday: No doubt i have a quite busy weekend... but i felt i accomplish what i planned to do... only one items that i missed... my Pilate Class :-p