Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nana & Ady's Wedding

Last Saturday I attended a wedding with my parent @ Cheras KL. The Bride, Nana is one of my dad's office customer. She knew my mom very well as she came to my dad's office to purchase the goods. So my parents got invited to her wedding.

We arrived @ the wedding before the groom arrival. I managed to take some picture when the groom arrived... 

The arrival of the groom, Ady
The Bride, Nana was welcoming the groom
Bride and the groom walked towards the stage
Bridge & Groom @ the stage
Kompang team accompany the groom

Do you know how the kompang sound?

Meanwhile, the food was quite nice too... Unfortunately, it's a little spicy for me.

Beef Rendang, Fried Chicken, Vege, Squid, fruit Rojak
Buffet Style --- All you can eat, kid was attacking the food... :->
Food decoration @ the bride and groom dinning table

We left the wedding after mom congratulated the newly couples... 

Mom wished the newly couple

The total time taken was about 1.5 hour including eating... compare to the Chinese wedding which taking at least a few hours just for the dinner not included the traditional steps @ the Bride and Groom's house.

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