Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shake the Babes...

I was invited to have lunch with my ex-colleagues @ Michelangelo's Italian Kitchen last Friday. The restaurant is located near the entrance of Sunway Lagoon. 

I reached the restaurant @ about 12pm and the rest still stuck in the office... so i decided to dropped by the Starbucks just next to the restaurant. 15mins later, PL joined me @ Starbucks and we waited for the rest to come before going into the restaurant.

I would give the restaurant a so so rating as the environment is okay but the food is not that good, just a very normal Italian food. My ex-colleague has ordered the escargot but the escargot just over cooked... :-(
Mushroom Soup - yummy!
Seafood Spaghetti 
Escargot (no very good <-- overcooked)

We spent the rest of our time gathering on chatting and one group of my ex-colleagues were talking about iPhone... showing the iPhone feature. They are talking about the Shake The Babes... you must be wondered what is the Shake the Babes? This is an application downloaded from the Internet... when you shake the iPhone, the lady in the phone will strip piece by piece until... my ladies ex-colleague were excited and asking whether there is a guy version... anyone? :-> We were teasing that Matt, my buddy could become the model for the guy version, what do you think?

CY, KK, HC - KK was talking about iPhone... the iPhone team members
HN and PL - PL was commenting on her food...
Rock, Paper, Scissor again? who win ah?

We were there until about 2pm and i left Sunway for Summit after lunch for my PT session :->


Simon Seow said...

Name only nice ah this restaurant. The food so so?

TZ said...

Simon: Strongly agreed! the food is so so ... :->

Anonymous said...

nob..i think,the food was excelent lo..better then italianise and T,ROMA.the price so gud lor..ok lorr..