Friday, May 2, 2008

Chill Out @ The Attic - Bangsar

Last Wednesday, I went out with two of my friends Kimmie and Pat. We went to this community bar located near the housing area of Bangsar. This bar is @ third floor of a shophouse. The owner of the bar has renovated this place and turned it like an attic, i bet this is why they named this place, The Attic.

I got to know of this place from Facebook. The owner also created  a group (theAttic) and a page (Up @ Attic) that i have signed up. Finally, i decided to pay a visit to this bar and just wanna to test out the environment.

I picked up Wednesday as the day to visit the Attic reason being is that there was a live performance from Nick Davis

Nick Davis, 20, is a song writer, composer, singer and an actor.

I was able to listen to his music live, it was so nice and enjoyable.

Nick Solo
Nick & Friends
Nicole, Llew and Nick

We ordered drinks and just sit by the bar and enjoyed the environment. Attic is not a huge bar and the things that i like Attic is that all its patrons/customers would not smoke inside the bar as the owner has restricted the smoking group to the balcony. So the whole environment within the aircon is smoke free... we could breath smoke free air inside the bar... Nice!

Llew's Moto (Attic designated drink)
Kimmie's Long island tea & Pat's Cappucino
Three of us (TZ, Kimmie and Pat)
Pat & Kimmie
Kimmie & TZ

We didn't notice by the time Nick finished his performance it was already 12:30am... So, we decided to leave the Attic and we invite more friends to the Attic on our next trip :->


Simon Seow said...

Looks like a nice and cozy place.

TZ said...

Simon: The attic is like a communities bar... just like the comedy "Cheers"... everyone know each other... is not difficult to meet new friends :->