Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who is more adventurous...

I'm a facebook user and i have been very active in the facebook. Facebook has so many applications that some of them are useful but some of them are so annoying.... :-)

Anyway, I like one of the application in the facebook, this application could help you to further understand your friends and where do you fit among them. So i like to check out where am i from time to time via Compare People Application. 

Since i announced i'm leaving for Uganda Africa, guess what? I suddenly scored #1 in most adventurous among my friends... hehehe... this has reflected how my friends think about Africa.

If you have not do the compare people... please do it ... I would like to know further my friends think about me. Here you go my score in Compare People as of May 29th 2008...

#1 More Adventurous
#3 More althletic
#5 Would make a better father (potential)
#6 More Fashionable

Do you agreed with the score?


cbenc12 said...

i got my score today and got some good one which made me happy.but one of the weakness is 'most talkative' which made me wonder who could ever vote me of bein talktative! i m more to introvert n quiet ppl! funny!
goodluck to ur trip agian!

TZ said...

cbenc12: hehehe... maybe you talked a lot whenever you have outing with this person :-p