Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chill out @ Rainforest Cafe Sunway Pyramid

Our friend, Dave came back from Vietnam. EH has organized this chill out session and he chosen the same place as where we were there on Dave last trip. 

I popped over to Sunway Pyramid after my gym @ about 3:30pm. Since i was early, i dropped by the Sunway Pyramid Starbucks to relax and sip my favor Ice coffee Latte with Hazelnut favor.

At about 5:45pm, EH and Matt arrived and joined me @ the Starbucks... we were surfing and looking at Matt's photo in the facebook. :-> 

Later, we moved over to the Rainforest Cafe, just two shops away from Starbucks. The waitress were dressed sexily and the place was full of leaves and lights hanging over, you really felt like you were in the rainforest with lights... hahaha :-p. Anyway, EH, Matt and I, we found a table and waited for Corine and Dave. 

Tz, Dave and Corine
Matt and Tz
Janice (Matt's new girlfriend) and Matt
Pat, Matt and Tz

Pat joined us later after he got out from his work. We had a good chat and updated on what are we were working on... I announced i am going to leave for Uganda... Dave and Pat were so surprise and kept asking me what am i doing in Uganda. Am i weird or what? Choosing a country which not many people really excited to go... You know what? I'm looking forward to my new job, new environment and new culture :-> I just like to be different and adventurous life hehehe...

We left the place @ about 9:45pm... 


Jian said...

uganman! chilling out more before leaving the country? :) i like the way u saying it on "adventurous life" , can't wait to hear more on tat! Oh and personally for u, and due to my curiosity as well.. i kinda.. tagged u :)

TZ said...

Jian: you're so humous... Uganman! hahaha... :-> I started to what i have now after my farewell gathering last friday *sob sob*...