Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is our voice heard? Is the construction safe?

The resident whom stay near to a Duta Ulu-Klang Expressway (DUKE) construction has complaint about the road crack. One of the committee member has phoned me on Monday night asking me to pay a visit and take some picture of the road cracking... at the same time, looking at the fencing which encroached half of the lane of the heavy traffic road. 

Road cracking and the fencing is encroach half of the lane

I quickly took couple of picture and noticed another prompt danger point after the pillar completed. The pillar will stands @ the edge of the road i.e. just besides the road. If you take close look at the picture below, if you notice there is a junction which allow car turning out.. Whenever the car turned out... there will be high chances that the car will hit the pillar. I recorded a quick video clip when i turned out from the junction. See how dangerous :-(

Future Pillar @ the edge of the road... further up there is a junction

Close up view on how the future pillar @ the edge of the road

I was disappointed with the DUKE Highway concession as they are not taking care the environment even though the resident committee has raised this concern during the last meeting... Is our voice heard? 

Moreover, I was extremely pissed with the construction site working later more 50% of the week even in a good weather like these few days. Reason being, according to the last meeting with the concession, the resident committee has raised the concern and the concession has explained that they would have to work late due to rain... But given these few days, not a single drop of rain in KL... I'm so curious what would be their excuses this time for working late... "The sun is too hot" ... hahaha very fun :-( Just to give you some information about working late... before the last meeting, they have been working day and night until 11pm and when we file a complaint, they ignored all of the resident committee's complaint call... The quiet communities has been polluted by the noise from the construction site in late night. As the noise travelled upward, the resident whom stayed in the condominium even suffered on louder noise pollution. So, what do you think?

Anyway, this is a list of serious and urgently issues/items that needed attention from the concession. Hope the concession could close these item as soon as possible since the residents have raised these issues...
1. Road crack near the construction site
2. Dirt flying @ the surrounding area 
3. future pillar which will prompt to accident
4. Working late for 50% of the week in good weather


khengsiong said...

What is the company behind DUKE Highway construction? UEM?

Alvin Lim said...

all the construction sites are not safe. even the construction site of the multi billion condo behind NIKKO hotel.

TZ said...

Khengsiong: The company that fund this construction is MRCB and Kasturi...

Alvin: As Malaysian government did not even care more about the world class safety standard in construction site... for me, i could only expect the minimum safety feature that the contractor should have in their sites.

Anyway, i was so upset as the minimum safety is not taking care too. Felt like living in the 3rd world country that kind of mindset ... who cares about safety... My friend has commented what Malaysia government today is "Developing country infrastructure, 3rd world country mindset" This is very true after i saw so many cases in this country... :-p